Damage to vessel
Ship Damage Hull, gear or cargo holds.

Formal Name

TT Hull Damage Service

Incident Management

Incident Investigation

  • Ascertain facts and circumstances of the incident, instructing and supervising competent surveyors as needed
  • Take statements from relevant witnesses
  • Collect relevant documentation


  • Ascertain nature and extent of the damage, instructing and monitoring competent surveyors as needed
  • Recommend steps to mitigate loss

Claims Management

Out of Court 

  • Act as Focal Point for claims submission
  • Claim inventorying, indexing and reporting
  • Claim analysis
  • Propose strategy to handle claim
  • Reject claims or negotiate settlement
  • Arrange settlement & obtain relevant releases

In Court

  • Ascertain circumstances of the legal action
  • Attempt to stay proceedings and continue handling amicably
  • Instruct and monitor competent lawyers as necessary
  • Assist appointed lawyers with facts and technical advice
  • Monitoring legal proceedings
  • Assist with settlement payments

Recovery Actions

  • Identify possible liable third parties
  • Recommend steps to protect recovery actions
  • Assist in conducting recovery actions in Chile

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