The Port of Valparaiso

VAP Initially, Valparaiso was only a port, but over the years a town began to develop around the port to support an increasing volume of trade. Indeed, Valparaiso was usually an inevitable call for all vessels travelling through the Straits of Magellan, west- or east-bound. This brought a number of immigrants to Valparaíso (British, American, German, Italian, French, Yugoslav, etc.), who left their mark in the area, such as the British Arch, the German Club, the George Garland Fire Brigade, the Pompe France, the Scuola Italiana and the Deutsche Schule, just to mention a few. They developed areas such as shipping, industry, finance and insurance.

The opening of the Panama Canal had an impact on the number of vessels calling at the port, since the route via the Straits now had a shorter alternative.

Valparaiso continues to be very related to shipping and port work and its current population is around half a million inhabitants.


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