Commitment to Quality


Cave y Cia. Ltda. created its Quality Department and developed its Quality Management System during the year 2000 with a view to obtain ISO certification.

The company was first certified by LRQA under UKAS in April 2001 and remains, to this date, the first and only correspondent in South America to be ISO Certified.

Since then, regular audits have confirmed this certification and as of March 2010, the company complies with requirements established by ISO norm 9001:2008.


All the staff at Cave & Cia. Ltda. help to maintain and continuously improve the company's processes, working together as a team.

The Management welcomes new ideas and constructive criticism which will help improve the service provided to our customers.

The opinion of our clients is also of great value to us so if you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact us.We are interested to know your requirements and/or suggestions.


Cave y Cia. Ltda. is committed to pursue a level of excellence in the service it provides as correspondents and claims agents for its principals, at a reasonable price.

Excellence means that we seek to ascertain and satisfy our principals' expectations of availability, local knowledge and independence of the service applied to solve their and their assureds needs.

We will pursue this excellence by complying with the necessary requirements and by continually developing and improving our quality management system. This will ensure careful selection and training of our staff, the adequacy of our equipment and systems, the leadership and innovative approach to solving new problems by the management and staff and the reliability of the suppliers with whom we choose to work.

Reasonable price means our principals perceive that they are receiving value for money, assuring the continuation of the company.

The compliance of this policy is the responsibility of all employees in Cave y Cia. Ltda.

This policy has the approval and support of the partners of Cave y Cia. Ltda.



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