Service Policies

Main Policies

First come, first served

It may that we are asked to become involved in an incident for more than one interest.

If this be the case, we will accept instructions in the order they were received.

Concurrent Attendance / Conflict of Interest Management

Before we accept instructions from subsequent customers, preceding instructing customers will be informed of the news request. We will be able to accept new instructions only when we have confirmation from all parties concerned that they are agreeable that we do so.

If our concurrent involvement for an incident is not acceptable, we are happy to recommend other people or companies to represent the customer we have had to turn down.

Notwithstanding the above, we may take steps to protect the newcomers' position. This will not, however, mean we will take on the case without following the above procedure.

"Chinese Walls"

If the various parties involved in an incident are agreeable to us acting on behalf of them all at the same time we will put up "Chinese Walls".

This means that each interest will be handled entirely separately within the office. That means :

  • Separate Claims Staff members
  • Separate files
  • Separate surveyors, if surveyors are needed
  • Separate lawyers, if lawyers are needed
  • Separate lines of communications
  • No access whatsoever to another interest's file

We have done this for many years with excellent results.

The Extra-Mile Policy

We will deal with a case until the emergency has ceased or been controlled - public holidays, weekends and time tables come second.

Never for cargo

We do not -as Cave & Cia. Ltda. or any other owned or controlled company- act for cargo interests against our regular customers or their assureds.

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