What is RSS?

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What is RSS?

RSS is a system that allows you to subscribe to news informations services of websites. You do not need to be visiting those websites all the time  : the news comes to you as soon as it is published!

RSS IS NOT SPAM - you always retain control of your subscription and can turn on or off whenever you choose.


How do I start using RSS feeds?

Basiclly what you need a little software programme called a "news reader". Your web browser might already serve as such. Alternatively, you can download and install a separate programme to do this job.

Below we provide links to a few free "news readers" for your convenience.

Once you have the necessary news reader, all you need to do is "subscribe" to the news service you want. Sometimes this can be done by licking on an RSS symbol (shown above) on the web page. Alternatively, you should be provided with a web link to be pasted in the appropriate box in your news reader when  subscribing.


News Readers

Here are links to obtain free news reader software, depending on your computer's operating system (O/S).

If you are running Windows:

If you are running  Mac OS X

If you want to use a web-based news reader


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